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The exponential growth of the digital channels continues to challenge organizations, contact centres and operational teams. Cyngus Technologies offers solutions that improve efficiency, and reduce cost in contact centres across Asia.​


ViSight Solutions help you gain actionable business insights and demystify the complexity of the customer experience. It is a platform that centralizes all customer queries from most of the communications channels including email, social media, SMS, live chat etc. and enables efficient workflow management combined with business intelligence and analytics to help businesses gain near real-time insights of the operation and address customer engagement issues to improve CX. Based on real-time and historical data, ViSight Solutions helps you manage and enhance your customer service, marketing, and sales strategies to achieve your business objectives.

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Simplify Customer Experience

An Omni-Channel platform powered by Cention for your Customers’ interaction with near real-time analytics and reporting

Who are we?

Cyngus Technologies is a business intelligence and data analytics service provider that focuses on helping customers enhance their Customers’ Experience and empowers companies to create exceptional OmniChannel customer experiences and journeys with their brands. For over 10 years, Cyngus Technologies has put customers at the centre of its Solutions and is passionate about enhancing Customer Experience and we believe that great customer experience drives great business outcomes.


We are proud to partner with Cention


Cention provides pure omni-channel support directly without hassle, have conversations with your customers over any channel, at any time. Connect all your customers’ contact methods into one contact card. Collect conversations over different media onto a history list and change the response channel of communications with the click of a button.


Cention Contact Center enables a multi channel end-to-end management by unifying channels and knowledge base’s for all your interaction channels. Your agents will be empowered to deliver better communication with ease. Agent productivity is maximized and your costs are lowered.

Increased profit & revenue

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reduced operational costs

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Leading companies using ViSight Solutions

"We provide ViSight to our customers as part of our Managed Service Delivery. This gives us a very competitive advantage over our competitors".

- Chang Ling Ling,Infrastructure

Manager, GDC Fujitsu Malaysia

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