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Syarikat Takaful Malaysia

Client background

Takaful Malaysia is the leading Islamic Insurance Company in Malaysia, which commenced operations in 1985. The company’s products and services give the opportunity for consumers to save, invest and earn profits based on Islamic principles. It’s network of over 20 service centres and branches across the nation delivers comprehensive protection solutions according to the needs and wants of their customers.

The situation

As a company with the vision to be the preferred choice for insurance and a strategic desire to exceed customers’ expectations, Takaful Malaysia operates a dedicated call centre with 22 customer service agents. The 60-line call centre is the primary touch point for potential, new and existing customers, underlining its importance towards the company’s customer service image and growth. Accurate reporting of calls is imperative for the planning, management and improvement of daily operations, as well as to enhance overall service delivery.

How ViSight Solutions bring values back to business

The implementation of ViSight empowered Takaful Malaysia’s call centre management to make positive changes that improved service delivery, these include:

Human Resource Management

ViSight’s Exchange Area Summary report, which pinpoints where each call originates from, enabled the call centre to more accurately assign customer service agents to specific customer bases. In addition, the ability to identify peak hours and days helped ensure there are always sufficient personnel to handle incoming calls.

Verify Internal Reports

ViSight’s comprehensive reporting enabled the management to accurately compare data against internal reports, enhancing the credibility of internal reports.

KPI Management

ViSight monitoring lead to the discovery that most calls last at least 4 minutes. This prompted the revision of customer service agents’ talk-time KPI to 5 minutes compares to just 3.6 minutes previously. The revision will enable customer service agents to patiently listen and solve customer concerns.

Identify Frequent Callers

Repeat calls to the call centre by frequent callers usually represent specific concerns or issues that require more talk-time. ViSight enables frequent callers to be identified and handled separately to ensure issues are resolved, an initiative that has directly improved customer satisfaction.

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