Case Studies

Naza Kia Malaysia

Client background

Naza Kia Malaysia is the official distributor for Kia Motors vehicles in Malaysia, appointed in late 90’s by Kia Motors Corporation, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer. The company operates from more than 60 sales points throughout Malaysia offering a comprehensive line of vehicles, with the philosophy of best value, high quality, safe and dynamic automobiles. Naza Kia Malaysia has to date sold almost 200,000 vehicles in Malaysia.

The situation

As a company experiencing continued growth, it is imperative for Naza Kia Malaysia to have accurate, timely and personalised reporting of data. Its large customer base in Malaysia creates a need to efficiently streamline their call centre data for the purposes of Monitoring KPIs, Improving Reliability, Quality Management and Customer Service Delivery.

How ViSight Solutions bring values back to business

The implementation of ViSight enabled Naza Kia Malaysia to monitor, manage and enhance various aspects of call centre operations:

Monitor & Measure Staff Performance and Monthly KPIs
Call centre personnel are required to comply with strict KPIs, such as to ensure abandoned calls do not exceed 5% and total call duration of no more than 3.5 minutes. ViSight comprehensive reporting ensures staff performance is constantly monitored, which allows for immediate remedial action to meet set KPIs.

Data Accuracy
ViSight’s data are compared with internal PABX reports to ensure accuracy and enhance reliability.

Short Call Monitoring
ViSight can monitor the duration actual conversations take place by isolating the time taken up by the IVR system. If the actual conversation is less than 30 seconds, where not much information can be communicated to the caller, then the call is classified as unproductive.

Audit Evaluation
ViSight business intelligence is one of the important tools, which is a prerequisite by their Customer Relationship Management Unit for Naza Kia Malaysia’s management report and audit evaluation.

Improve Customer Service
As complaints are received on a daily basis, the management has set a 3-day Turn Around Time (TAT) to resolve a particular complaint. ViSight enables the monitoring of frequent callers, usually an indicator of customers with problems, and take proactive steps to reduce potential complaints.

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