Nov 13, 2018



This year, Cyngus Technologies had the pleasure of attending the CX Summit as an associate partner – the fourth year running, and the second we’ve attended! As the biggest CX engagement in Asia Pacific, we went ahead and invited our chatbot partner, KeyReply, all the way from Singapore to join us and to help us present our solutions to attendees.


Nov 22, 2016


Cyngus was a gold sponsor at the recent CX Summit, hosted by the Contact Centre Association Malaysia (CCAM) and engaged customers on the value that S-M-A-C brings to a business when executed well and what happens when it is not executed that well. Here again there was an opportunity to share and learn.

Nov 15, 2016

The Impact of S-M-A-C on the Customer Experience Journey

This seminar will share the latest trends of the digital customer experience and S-M-A-C (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), and how it affects our businesses. Also, this seminar will provide you with insights to help you understand how you can simplify the complexity of the digital CX (Customer Experience) through intelligence, analytics and omni-channel customer management solutions.

Apr 26, 2016

Effective Customer Engagement in the New Digital World | Government

The proliferation of new communication channels in the new digital world has makes it difficult for government agencies to provide effective and cost efficient service to the public. They struggle to find the right way to handle the new digital channels.

Government agencies often operate in silos by setting up separate groups to manage the online media interactions such as emails, chat or social media. They treat digital channels as independent interaction points handled by disparate systems and separate staff. As such, they do not have a clear view of the full rakyat journey and fall short to meet their need with an efficient and consistent experience across all communication channels.

Mar 29, 2016

Effective Customer Engagement in the New Digital World | Healthcare & Education

This short seminar will share a holistic approach to digital communication channels and integrating them into your customer experience strategy. It allows your company to provide an end-to-end customer journey and to deliver consistent, seamless and personalized experience across all online communication channels.

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