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Financial Services
Enabling the innovative digital media initiatives across channels while ensuring FSI regulatory compliance

The Challenge

Customers are more demanding and competition is more intense with more channels of communication available to customers. Financial institutions need to deliver high innovative products and services to attract, retain and win back customers.

The complex customer journeys made through the call centers, branches, ATMs, and online websites have made channel management one of the major challenges for financial institutions. Customizing product packages and marketing efforts to customers are one of the keys to success.

With the continuous strive towards innovation, many financial institutions are already taking advantage of the data they have from various systems such as CRM, ERP, customer payments and financial activities as well as the communication channels. All the systems play an important role as a critical platform for understanding the market demands in order to provide what the customers want. However, the systems in place are usually silo-ed with little knowledge sharing across divisions. Unifying the knowledge silos is critical to understand your customers better.

Our Solution: All-in-one monitoring & engagement solution

ViSight solutions provide holistic one-platform view for business to understand what’s happening across all the communication channels and encourage information sharing across all functional divisions in business.

By consolidating all communication and customer-related data into a single platform, users are able to obtain all relevant information about customers.

ViSight Solutions ensure business is learning from every interaction in every channel. Real time monitoring platform allows business to have quick view on the trends of the communication channels. Avoid guessing and gut-feel decisions. Monitor what customer trying to say to gain insights for the development of a more effective market offering and initiatives. 

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