Controlling the BUZZ in the Social Media World

With the speed of the content generation, dissemination, and communication among the global communities on the social media networks, organizations are now losing their confidence in controlling the flow of their company information in the market and answering their consumers.

The advancement in the internet and mobile technologies has been the primary force behind the rise of social media. This has changed the way on how people interact with one another. Social media has also changed the world of marketing and how business professionals communicate and sell to the consumers.

The appearance of the social media networks has changed the customer behaviours. They are no longer passive, and there is a new expectation of gratification when it comes to searching, finding, and having information. Traditional methods of marketing are no longer enough. The game has changed and marketers have to adapt to the new way on how people are now communicating, connecting, and obtaining information.

Social media has torn down the boundaries between the organizations and the consumers in the market. Social media has made it possible for real-time communication and direct interaction that can be more responsive, efficient, resourceful, and helpful.

An effective communication through social media networks helps to foster the feeling of conversation with customer and make them feel like they are being heard and acknowledged

The goal for organizations on social media is all about grabbing the users’ attention. Cultivating a more personal relationship and developing positive reputation are important in keeping the attention level high. However, it takes effort to build and retain your audience.

The rapid growth of social media and the extent to which it is used in everyday, consumers have developed different expectations from organizations when it comes to how they are being ‘treated’. This includes how long it takes the business to respond to their inquiries, comments, and problems they are facing. Business must not only listen but to talk to the customer through the social media networks.

Hence, monitoring and responding to conversation coming from the social media is important to a company’s success. It helps to strengthen a variety of core business functions. With an effective social media strategy, it will build brand awareness and bring a company closer to its ultimate goal – greater customer equity.

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