Understanding your customers

Often the best way to improve customer value and beat the competition is to be the first to satisfy a need that others have not even considered.

Understanding customer needs and developing good customer experience along the journey are important with the intense competition in the market today. However, thinking from the customers’ point of view and putting ourselves in their shoes are easier said than done.

Your product will never be alone in the market. Customers usually have many choices - how they want their needs to be met and with whom they want their money to be spent.

We might not have accurately reflect what customers want and prefer through thorough analysis. Yet it is their needs and wants that matter – even when the customer has not thought about it. So a brand that offers superior customer value that hit right to the customer's painpoint is likely to win and keep the customer.

Encouraging brand switching is usually more costly than retaining your customers . LISTEN to what they have to say, want to say, and are saying. Understand your customer better than they do. See the invisible and be the first do the ‘impossible’.

What every marketer wants to achieve today is to engage customers for a life time. Ensuring a positive experience throughout the customer journey is the key, but how do we know what they really want? Based on Turn's Global Digital Audience Report, here are the 5 ways to know your customers better:

Gain new confidence in your marketing decisions

Use the data management solutions to consolidate customer data and use insights to understand your best customers.

Expand on insights of your customers

Blend third-party data with existing customer data to gain deeper insights about your customers.

Deepen customer relationships with tailored messaging

Smart audience segmentation allows you to deliver consistent messages and tailored calls to action across all channels.

Broaden market reach with look-alike modelling

Find people who share attributes with your best customers and other desired audiences.

Strengthen your marketing programs through powerful insights

Data-driven actions deliver fact-based insights that help you enhance segmentation and messaging.

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