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Is Cloud the only option?

Do you know...

When you update your Facebook status you are actually using Cloud Computing infrastructure. Same applies when you use Gmail or even checking your bank balance on your phone... You are using the cloud again. Chances are that you rely on cloud computing to solve the challenges faced by businesses, whether you’re sending off emails on the move or using other applications to help you manage your workload. One of the cloud computing benefits is increasing efficiency. Services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of minutes versus the weeks or months it would traditionally take.

Here are the 5 best Cloud benefits for your business...

1. Reduced costs and increased flexibility

One of the huge benefits of the cloud computing is the pay-as-you-use and pay-as-you-grow concepts which allow you to subscribe or purchase cloud services based on your business


2. Disaster recovery

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust disaster recovery. Either you are small or large company, implementing cloud-based backup and recovery solutions will allow your business to save time, avoid large up-front investment and roll up third-party expertise simpler.

3. Automatic software updates

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and always available. Suppliers take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates..including security updates.. so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system yourself.

4. Work from anywhere

With cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work. And with most cloud services offering mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you use to conduct your services.

5. Security: Laptops and phones loss are a billion dollar business problem. In fact, the loss of the sensitive data inside the devices is worth greater than the hardware itself. The picture above and the next paragraph show why you should relocate to Cloud...

Cloud in South-East Asia

© Southeast Asia (SEA) alone, comprises over a quarter billion of active INTERNET users and nearly 200 million active mobile social users as at last year November Ref.WeAreSocial.

© International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts in its latest research entitled that 70% of businesses in the Southeast Asia countries will commit to a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

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