Social Media Is No Longer ONLY A Marketing Channel, It's Also A Customer Experience Channel!

Many businesses are focused on improving their understanding of social media and how they can manage this increasingly important channel for their customer queries as well as for marketing activities to increase their revenue and brand visibility.

Does your business have a social media customer experience plan?

Would you like to step up your engagement on social media?

Here are some statistics and facts that will make you start thinking seriously about how social media could help improve customer engagement for your business:

- 1/3 of all customer complaints are never answered, most of them are in social media.

- Answering a complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%

- Not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%

- 40 % percent of customers who complain in social media expect a response within one hour

- Only 63% percent of consumers are satisfied with response time in social media

In this article you will know some tips to help you improve your awareness of social media customer experience.

# Some suggestions to improve your customers' experience with your business:

1.Solve issues promptly: To keep customers happy and show them you care, you need to solve their issues promptly, whether it relates to a query or a complaint. That means constant monitoring your business's social media accounts is key, so you can view comments in real time and reply as soon as possible.

2. Be more transparent with your customer : Establish your company policy with a step-by-step program to showcase how you handle complaints. Also, depending on the type of business you run, decide how to rectify certain situations. For example, do you give a refund or discount or something else of more tangible value to a customer that has expressed dissatisfaction with your service ?

3. Understand the customer view: Also, if your business finds itself in a social media crisis, no matter what the type or source, own it up and address it immediately. Your customers’ patience and the customer experience in general, gets challenged the most during critical times.

# Integrate Feedback

When you stay in touch with your customers on social media, it’s easy to see what does and doesn’t resonate with them. Customer feedback is gold and can be used to improve how your business functions across all departments.


The success of your social media care efforts will depend, as ever, on the quality and focus you provide, because providing great customer service over social media may require extra-special handling. Staff or agent responses must be timely, accurate, sensitive, brief, and friendly- which may not be as simple as it sounds.

Staff or agents must respond quickly but not with unprepared hast such that the issue isn't properly resolved. all staff and agents must continuously develop their soft skills to understand customer's emotional state and determine when the use of smiley faces or emojis, are appropriate for conveying friendliness and willingness to help, or when a more formal statement of empathy or apology might be required before addressing the customer's issue.

In general, all facets of excellent customer service also apply to channels such as social media. A great customer experience will be realized when a staff member or agent:

  • Correctly identify the customer's issue

  • Provide links to additional information

  • Close the loop (even to a "thank you" comment or tweet)

  • Include a personal touch, such as signing off with the agent's first name or initials

  • Be consistent across the organization, with regard to tone and response time


Social media is now a primary form of contact with business and brands, it’s more important now, than ever before, to be focus on your social media presence. According to a survey by Bain & Co., 89% of companies expect to compete primarily based upon the quality of the customer experience they deliver.

Customer experience is invaluable in improving business results. Be good to your customers, listen to them and they will be loyal to you and your brand.

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