The Impact of Mobile on the Customer Experience Journey

Customers today have many options to communicate with businesses through various such as email, online chat, sms, Facebook, twitter and voice. The use of mobile devices has increased exponentially over the past years and the users are increasingly demanding customer-friendly experiences on their mobile devices, that serve the ability to find simple answers such as store operating hours from a Google search or the option for live-chat assistance when they visit an eCommerce store.

Businesses need to adapt to these changing expectations around mobile or risk losing customers to competitors. Bill Loller, Vice President of Mobile at IBM, says, “there has been a ‘mobile mind shift’ in customers. Customers now expect to get what they want in their immediate context and moments of need.”

The top five reasons why the mobile customer experience is important:

1. 74% of customers are using their mobiles device, which is more than their PCs.

2. 48% of business say their customers are making purchases directly from their mobile devices.

3. Customers are becoming intolerant to faults.16% responded that they are likely to take their business elsewhere if encounter a problem.

4. 4 out of 5 (80%) of customers are searching for local businesses from their mobiles.

5. Mobile devices are now integral to the daily lives of consumers.

6. Customers are using their mobiles more than their desktop PCs.

2014 is billed as the year of the mobile revolution. According to ComScore, it was the first year where the number of mobile devices connected to the internet surpassed the number of PCs connected to the internet.

With increasing customers now relying on mobile to access your website and engage with your company, it’s important to ensure the mobile customer experience is just as good – if not better than –, your desktop site customer experience and retail customer experience. Is your business ready to serve customers using mobile devices as well as conventional telephony voice ?

2. Customers are making purchases directly from their mobile devices.

According to a survey by Econsultancy, 48% of respondents said that their customers purchase products directly on their mobile device – a 5% increase from last year. Furthermore, they found that 60% of companies reported their customers researched products on mobile devices for later purchase online.

This shows that customers are turning to mobile to engage with your company. But what areas should you focus on?

As a business, you need to understand why and when your customers prefer to use mobile. Focus on improving these key mobile experiences and integrate them into your overall customer experience.

Is your business e-commerce ready?

3. Customers are becoming intolerant to faults and aren’t afraid to take their business elsewhere. Your customers have little to no patience for bad mobile experiences. A survey by IBM found that 16% of respondents would be more likely to buy from a competitor if they encountered a problem during their mobile experience, while 13% admitted they would abandon the transaction altogether.

Alarming statistics like these are driving big brands to invest heavily in improving their mobile experience. Companies like Macy’s and Disney are striving to make their mobile experience just as enjoyable as their web and retail experiences.

Do you know when a poor experience has occurred, and can you address it in real time?

4. Customers are searching for local businesses on their mobiles

How often do you use your mobile to search for local restaurants, retailers, hair dressers and/or plumbers?

Probably a lot.

This is because mobile technology has added a level of convenience to your search for local businesses. Back in the day, you might turn to Yellow Pages, scroll through the listings of businesses and give one a call. Now you can type a search into Google and see multiple businesses located near you, read their reviews, find out opening hours and contact details. This convenience is what is driving mobile search.

Google conducted a study on local search intent and found that four in five consumers carry out local business searches on search engines, with 88% of respondents using a smartphone device.

The study found that searchers are primarily looking for business hours, directions and a local store address.

Do you have this information easily accessible on your mobile site?

Furthermore, are you listed on other websites like Google Local and Yelp to ensure that customers are able to find accurate information about your business?

Is your business search optimized and visible to all channels such as website, Facebook, twitter...?

5. Customers want personalized customer service via mobile

Mobile users consider their devices are essential and integral to their daily lives.. A study of mobile behavior by ExactTarget found that 90% of mobile users aged 18-24 sleep next to their mobile devices. It is the last thing they look at before bed and the first thing they look at when they wake up.Joe Tawfik, a customer experience professional, says that for customers, it’s their personal space – they customize everything to meet their needs. As a result, companies need to ensure their messages to consumers on mobile are also personalized. Customers want personalized relationships with the brands they engage with.Make sure that your mobile customer experience considers customer service deliverable. Recognize that using only the traditional communication channels are less accepted and be open to using live chat and social media to offer a personalized level of service to customers.Is your business taking any advantage of the mobile revolution? The Mobile adoption and revolution provides a great platform for every business to engage their customers across multiple channels. Cyngus Technologies recognizes this opportunity and can assists its customers to improve their customers experience across multiple channels (Omni-channels) such as email, sms, live chat, Facebook, twitter as well as voice.

Cyngus Technologies simplify customer experience by delivering omni-channel solutions, designed to improve efficiencies in customer engagement and provide business impactful analytics to grow your business.

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