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Delivering a consistent brand experience across all channels is vital for retail growth strategy

The Challenge

Brick-and-mortar store and the e-Commerce site remains the primary source of revenue. In this new digital age, consumers are tapping into different channels as they make their buying decisions. Majority of the retailers are committed to omnichannel strategies in order to provide a seamless, cross channel experience for multi-channel shoppers.

Synchronizing information and interaction across channels is crucial to provide positive customer experience and engage customers effectively. While many retailers have many touch points being set-up into the market, many of these touch-points do not integrate with one another that result with minimal information across channels for expediting decisions.

Our Solution: All-in-one monitoring & engagement solution

ViSight Solutions provide you the full picture of trending across channels so you can plan your strategy well ahead of time. Obtain information across channels over the past few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months with just one click.

Uptime communication channels monitoring gives you the capabilities to manage all enquiries across every touch points.

ViSight Solutions ensure business is learning from every interaction in every channel. Our real time monitoring platform allows your business to have a quick view on the trends of the communication channels. Avoid guessing and gut-feel decisions. Monitor what customer are saying to gain insights for the development of a more effective market offering and innitiatives. 

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