Case Studies

The News Straits Times Press Malaysia

Client background

Established in 1845, NSTP is the leading print publisher in the country with a growing online presence. Its popular publications include the Malay language daily Berita Harian, Malay language tabloid Harian Metro and the English daily New Straits Times. These 3 publications represent a 50% market share with almost 650,000 copies sold daily on average, as well as almost half a million monthly web visitors.

The situation

NSTP operates from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and various branches located across the nation. Advertising revenue – from both print and online – represents NSTP’s largest income generating channel, which means every missed call to their advertising hotline could be a missed prospect.

How ViSight Solutions bring values back to business

With missed calls directly impacting bottom lines, NSTP implemented ViSight across all its branches nationwide. Now, NSTP can easily identify all missed or dropped calls via the Missed Opportunities report. This enables them to make return calls to potential prospects and enhance the possibility of making a sale. The result from receiving the daily report has been encouraging with improved monthly sales figures across the board.


ViSight also has helped NSTP to monitor the performance of each branch via the State Region Summary report, ensuring better utilisation of resources across all branches. This has directly improved customer service performance and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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