ViSight Online Media

ViSight Online Media enables you to bring communications from various channels such as Email, live chat, social media etc onto one easy-to-use and easy to manage platform and empowers your business to have control over how every customer communication is managed and responded too – it is an end to end customer engagement platform that adds tremendous immediate value to your business

ViSight Online Media

Customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your business and your brand using Email, Social Media, Live Chat, and SMS channels. Most companies believe they provide excellent customer experience, however only a few companies deliver consistent and positive experience across all communication channels to their customers and continue to try to find new ways to be relevant to their customers


Customer engagement teams are challenged with the siloed communication systems across the digital media and being able to provide a consistent service delivery experience to their customers

ViSight Online Media (OLM) centralizes all communication channels – Email, social media, live chat, SMS - onto one platform along with ground breaking workflow management, analytics for use across the business. This enables enhanced customer engagement and providing consistent services to the customer across all communication channels including digital media


Simplify customer experience with workflow management

With OLM that utilizes workflow management mechanism to direct customer queries to the right division or area, customer satisfaction quality will be guaranteed. Smart routing based on keyword and sender will ensure customer queries will be attended by the right skilled agents, helping the organisation to properly maximize and scale the resources for customer engagement

Manage all your customers interaction
A single platform for all digital channels

ViSight Online Media centralises all communication channels - Email, Social Media, Live Chat, SMS- onto one platform enabling control over every customer communication powered by unique workflow management, analytics and reports for use across the business

Meet your SLA

ViSight Online Media includes some very smart tools that will support you to manage the communication more efficiently and improve your response time to customers:

  • Smart Routing

  • Distribution Management

  • Intelligent Prioritisation

  • Knowledge Management

All these functions impact the quality of information and speed of response to your customers.You won’t necessarily need to be increasing resources and subsequently costs

Manage your resources efficiently

The agents’ responsiveness in both time and quality have immense impact on overall business growth and customer satisfaction. SLA indicators for every customer interaction need to be measured thoroughly and met for smooth operation and upkeep the customer satisfaction. OLM gives you a complete view and tracking of your agents’ performance, productivity, and quality assurance  allowing management to identify areas for fast improvement which is especially helpful in management decisionmaking process and resource planning

Support organisation to improve customer acquisition and retention

Any information about the customers interaction is critical in today’s digital world, to enable business to understand their customers’ behaviors and buying patterns for future product, marketing and sales strategies. Historical customer interactions are also critical elements to monitor and understanding customer behaviours, market trends and competition landscapes, enabling brands to strategise on customer acquisition and retention efficiently and effectively. ViSight OLM’s superior functionality to manage customer interaction data and workflow management assists businesses to create the “intimacy factors” for greater customer retention and acquisition

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