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Our platform tracks, aggregates, and analyzes millions of 1800 and 1300 toll free calls each day. These incoming call analytics that deep dive to network level that the telephony PBX (Private Branch Exchange) unable to access and collect. With the new insights gained off the toll free lines, our clients are able to uncover hidden business opportunities, resulting revenue growth. 

ViSight Toll Free Analytics

With the voice channel still being the primary contact channel between customers and brands, the Toll Free Service enables business to reduce barriers for your existing and potential customers to contact your organization, by creating a simple easy-to-remember number and reducing the cost of contact for your customers. 

ViSight Toll Free Analytics analyzes the incoming toll free data, transforming it to actionable business insights and provides a holistic visibility of your customers calls being made to the toll free number. The data is captured at the network level which cannot be provided by a typical CRM system or a PBX system that captures data only at a service level

ViSight Toll Free Analytics is capable of:

Reduces costs of sales by improving conversion of sales leads and identifying all the missed opportunities analytics from the report, and calling back the customers to recover potential sales

Transform data from all incoming calls from all locations on your toll free service into valuable business information on one easy-to-use platform

Identify trends, patterns, abnormalities and unusual communication occurrences fast, providing a platform that enables faster decision making for your marketing campaigns, operations and customer services

Track and Manage Your Phone Leads

Use Call Tracking to Increase Sales & Revenue

Toll free numbers


Simplifying customer contact

Improve your customers’ experience across the regions by providing a simple-to-use and easy-to-remember toll free number where your company can be conveniently contacted and remove the complexity of multiple numbers with a single 1800 e.g 1800 88 FREE (3733) window for your business

Call tracking


Track and manage marketing campaigns

ViSight Solutions provide the tools to track all incoming calls by location, and enables you to assess the response to your marketing campaigns, proactively manage missed calls and missed opportunities for your business

Near real-time data


Capture valuable information about your customers

You will have access to all your customers calls and their phone numbers by time period, duration, origination etc. and be able to provide a better proactive service and follow up as and when required

Beyond calls


Improve human resources allocation

This unique platform also provides the ability to identify customer calling patterns and allocate team resources more effectively, based on the time of the day/week and office location of customer contact for increased operational efficiency

ViSight Toll Free Analytics reports

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